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January 2012

Earache in Children

Often it is a change in the weather that upsets the body's healthy warmth balance. A cold east wind, damp fog or heavy rain presents an especial challenge to the warmth organism of children. Their ears are quick to react, because without a head covering they are very exposed. In the cold days of autumn and winter, children should never go outside without a hat. If the mucous membranes of the upper airways cool down too much, cold viruses have an easy time of it. The resulting swelling and inflammation of the ears are painful and extremely unpleasant.

Keep the nose clear

Reducing the swelling of the nasal mucous membranes is crucial to healing. WALA’s nasal balm and nasal balm for children, Nasenbalsam and Nasenbalsam für Kinder, are ideal for this purpose. Insert a pea-sized amount of the ointment into the nose and apply to the outside of the nostrils and extracts of blackthorn and barberry can get to work, gently easing swelling.

Home remedy onion compress

Onions have a strong smell and powerful action. The old German remedy of an “onion compress” has not lost its effectiveness in treating incipient earache. To make a compress, finely dice a small onion and place it in a thin, pre-warmed child's cotton sock. Use a scarf or headband to hold the sock compress in place on and behind the painful ear for half an hour. The pain-relieving effect can be enhanced by placing a small hot water bottle on the compress.

Help from the plant world: monkshood

The best protection against earache is never to go out in the icy wind without something on your head. The "monkshood" (a plant also known as aconite or wolfsbane) lives up to its name, safely and reliably protecting against earache WALA’s oily ear drops Aconit Ohrentropfen contain homeopathically potentised monkshood, along with camphor, lavender oil and potentised rock crystal. These counteract the heat loss caused by the weather, regulate inflammation of the mucous membranes and normalise blood flow. Additionally, natural lavender essential oil soothes and relaxes. Instil one drop of Aconit Ohrentropfen, warmed to body temperature, into the painful ear to provide gentle relief and put an end to many a night of agonised crying.