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July 2012

Staying Healthy Throughout the School Year

Before the little ones go back to school we parents pack their school bags and sharpen their pencils. Our children look on with mixed feelings. On the one hand they’re sad that the holidays are over, but on the other they look forward to seeing all their friends again. For us as parents, too, the start of a new school year is an exciting time. And as well as more traditional school concerns we have an eye on the health of our children. Anthroposophical medicines can help us maintain our children’s health at school.

Strengthening the powers of self-healing

Our children are lively and active. As a rule they get over infections or minor accidents quickly by themselves. If we want to enhance their health, the best thing we can do is stimulate their powers of self-healing and nurture their health at source. Caution is called for with antibiotics and fever-reducing medicines: it is through fever that a child’s organism learns to vanquish invading foreign substances. Moreover, in childhood it is especially important that the organism is not overburdened with the side-effects of medicinal treatments for illnesses and minor ailments. Nevertheless, it is often necessary to give a sick schoolchild a little assistance to stimulate the body's own healing processes. A gentle therapy with healing remedies from nature will support this process. WALA Medicines contain only natural ingredients and are free from artificial preservatives.

Autumn colds

Depending on age and disposition, children develop different health problems during the course of the school year. Primary school children are more prone to colds than older students. Fevers, runny noses and coughs compel children to spend many a day at home while their friends are busy learning. It is especially important to provide support during this “time out”, so that infections are quickly cured and new strength gathered to make the most of learning opportunities. Here, Agropyron Globuli velati* and Nasenbalsam für Kinder** (nasal balm for children) can be very useful.

Exam nerves

Older children often complain of tension headaches and nervousness before exams or tests, because they feel pressured to perform and succeed. In these cases concrete help is required: give your child a soothing back or foot rub with Solum Öl*** oil before bedtime. By the way – this is great for growing pains, too.

Rapid relief for sports injuries

Sports-loving children are prone to the occasional injury, such as pulled muscles or sprains. First-aid measures immediately after the injury are crucial to the healing process. A pack of Arnika-Wundtücher**** (arnica wipes) in the school bag will ensure that the sports year proceeds successfully.

And then it just remains for me to wish you and above all your children a happy and successful 2012/2013 school year – when the time comes.

The author: Birgit Emde

Birgit Emde studied pharmacy at the Humboldt University in Berlin and is a registered pharmacist. She continued her professional development with further training in Anthroposophic Pharmacy at the Eugen Kolisko Academy. Today, Birgit Emde works as a pharmacist and specialist consultant for Anthroposophic Pharmacy with the German association GAPiD and is a science writer. She has two children, aged 10 and 12 years.

Required product information

*Agropyron Globuli velati
Indications according to the anthroposophical understanding of human beings and nature. These include: Respiratory infections in the region of the head such as common cold, sinusitis, tonsillitis and flu-like infections. Contains sucrose and lactose.

**Nasenbalsam für Kinder (nasal balm for children)
Indications according to the anthroposophical understanding of human beings and nature. These include: Harmonisation of the interaction of sensitivity organisation and life organisation in the region of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx and the sinuses in conditions involving an impaired ability to dissociate oneself from outside influences and weakness of the life organisation, e.g. acute and chronic inflammatory conditions, particularly in infants and children and in the case of particularly sensitive mucous membranes or a tendency to tissue shrinking (atrophy).

*** Indications according to the anthroposophical understanding of human beings and nature.
These include: Stimulation of the warmth organisation and harmonisation of the sensitivity organisation, e.g. in rheumatic diseases, sensitivity to changes in the weather, spinal syndromes and nerve pain (neuralgia).

**** Arnica Wundtücher (arnica wipes)
Indications according to the anthroposophical understanding of human beings and nature. These include: Stimulation of tissue and organ healing with particular emphasis on metabolic processes, e.g. for first aid after blunt injuries such as sprains and strains, contusions, bruises. Contains 25% (v/v) alcohol

For information on risks and side-effects please read the pack insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.