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July 2011

Those Little Summer Nuisances

We love almost everything about summer – everything except the little buzzing nuisances it brings with it. Gnats, wasps and horseflies are not one of its pleasures. Whether we are just about to take a bite of that lovely fruit pie, enjoying a barefoot walk through the grass or just taking a stroll in the park: whatever the occasion, the result is the same – a bite or sting that itches, burns or hurts.

We have probably all been stung by an insect at some time. Wasps and bees, including bumblebees and hornets, only sting when they feel threatened. But gnats and horseflies have a different motivation. They need our blood as food and use our temperature and the smell of our bodies to find us. If all defence measures fail and the insect stings or bites, its poison enters the skin, causing the familiar symptoms.

Although most insect bites and stings are harmless (except when followed by a strong allergic reaction), they hurt and cause a red itchy lump that drives us mad with the need to scratch. Fortunately, WALA Wund- und Brandgel* brings rapid and effective relief. Apply a thin layer of this gel (about 1-1.5 mm) to the affected area for immediate cooling and relief from itching. The gel is also suitable for small children, who are usually the favourite targets of these buzzing nuisances. We usually keep a respectful distance between us and the little stinging nettle (Urtica urens), but as an ingredient in this gel it has healing powers that are surprisingly helpful. Together with traditional arnica (Arnica montana) it alleviates burning sensations and reduces swelling. Calendula (Calendula officinalis) and comfrey (Symphytum officinale), as well-known wound-healing plants, in combination with structuring arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis), promote subsequent healing of the skin. WALA Wund- und Brandgel* unites these medicinal herbs in a powerful gel composition that offers excellent help for sunburn and minor burns too. Irritated skin breathes a sigh of relief – and so do we – at the cooling effect. Skin is soothed and its regeneration encouraged.

WALA Wund- und Brandgel* is a reliable aid that is a must for every home or travel first aid kit. And one more hint: The cooling effect of the gel is intensified if the tube is kept in the fridge. And then we are free to enjoy the summer...

The author: Heide Tetzner

Heide Tetzner studied pharmacy at the Humboldt University in Berlin and is a registered pharmacist. She continued her professional development with further training in Anthroposophic Pharmacy at the Eugen Kolisko Academy. Today, Heide Tetzner works as a pharmacist and science writer.

*Prescribing information
Indications according to the anthroposophical understanding of human beings and nature.

WALA Wund- und Brandgel
Indications: First and second degree burns and scalds, sunburn, allergic and hyperergic skin disorders (dermatoses), insect bites and stings, grazes and ulcers.

For information on risks and side-effects please read the pack insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.